Imprtant Dates

Feb. 3-4, 2017 --- District Competition, Collier County
Feb. 24-25, 2017 ---  Circuit Competition, Lee County
Mar.  23,24 & 25, 2017  State Competition, Orlando

CSN'S Mock Trial Team Page

            2012 Second Place State Winners
             (left to right: Travis Williamson, Mary Elizabeth Carr, Jaimie McPhedran, Noah Samotin,
Jonathan Bunce,  Jordan Hawkesworth, Chase Ehrgott, and Daniel Goldstein)


Getting Familiar with Mock Trial
   What Is Mock Trial?                                   
   State Rules to Review

Florida Law Related Ed. Website     The second court-case is the 2011-12 Case (pict. above) in streaming video.   Good to view openings, directs and crosses, and closings!   Travis Williamson's closing is at approx. 2hrs.8mins. into the film. 
  ( ) - updates, old cases, etc.

This Year's Case!  (COMING)       Judge Carr annotations:  (See Mr. Bovee)

​      "The HART OF THE MATTER'  - INTRODUCING EVIDENCE BY Judge Frederick Hardt, Circuit Judge

​       Related Information:  Florida Statute 784.048  (From Judge Carr)

                                           Slack v. Kling case (From Judge Carr)


    A great website recommended by Mrs. Panepinto for lawyers to help them prepare openings, directs, crosses, closings and more:

Advanced Trial Handbook  

   Last Year's case:  "State of FL vs Logan Bartram"

     2014-15    (Sanders v Everglades Computers)

    Florida v. Jesse Davis (2013-14)  Judge Carr annotations 
           Directs:   Craig's Direct of Dr. Bennett   (use to show format ideas)
           Crosses:  Craig's Cross of Dr. Sam Smith  (format)     Hurst's Cross of Taylor Carpenter

    FLORIDA v. REGAN BUSCHELL   (2012-13)   Annotated case

Jordan Hawkesworth as Witness Devin Lin (5:40) Brad Donnelly examination
        Timeline for FL Vs Regan Buschell   

    Florida V. Jesse Woodson (2011-12)

    Young V Gardner (2010-11)     Witness Overviews    (2010-11 Young V Gardner)
                                                           Lawyer Directs (2010-11 Young V Gardner)   
                                      Mary Carr's memo on Sample Direct Examination  (of Dr. Schwartz) 

Opening Arguments     Sample from 2013-14  FL V Jesse Davis

Closing Arguments      Closing Argument Rules - Judge Carr sample   
                                         Judge Carr's guidelines to improve Closing (Travis Williamson)

Case Analysis Form #1          Appeals Info:  Judge Carr's Original Ruling       Appeals Brief       Appellate Decision