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Cinematic Journeys in American History

    Welcome to Cinematic Journeys in American History!

     This  course will be an attempt to understand the course of our nation's history as seen through the eyes of film producers and screenwriters.  

     We'll be watching and learning about some of the most important films in Hollywood history.   What did the producers wish to say with 'the camera' about the subject or period they were portraying?  What did they get 'right' and what, perhaps, was portrayed not so accurately?

     For many of our films, students will read as well as watch history unfold upon the screen.  For example, all students will be expected to read the classic Cold War novel, The Ugly American, as well watch the film. Students will get to select some films, others will be selected by the instructor.   As we won't have time to watch ALL the films in their entirety, we'll watch excerpts of some.    

    Join us in having fun as we explore the 'classics' of American film!

Course Description          (Subject to change)
Draft list of 'suggested' films HERE (WORD) (PDF)
    (Hyperlinks to each!)
Student film Survey         (taken at onset of course)
Class Readings (WORD)  HERE
Class Readings (PDF)    HERE
    "22 Days on a Chain Gang" by Bayard Rustin 
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Movie Review Worksheet  (needed for your opinion of your movie)
Movie Review Project Instructions
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Student Schedule of Presentations    


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