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American History Honors
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TCI Ch 3 -- 'Setting the Geographic Stage'       EBOOK at  WWW.TEACHTCI.COM
TCI Ch 4 -- 'Colonial Roots'

Publisher's STUDENT Resources:  HERE   (Our 'old' book)
   Contains quizzes, interactive maps, self-tests and more!
See also publisher materials at "HERE":

Maps -- BASIC U.S. Geography
a.  Blank map quiz of the states.  Sample #1       Sample #2 – PDF Format of “Name that State’          
                                   (Answers may easily be ‘Googled’ for this map.)      
      b.  Blank  topographic  map of the U.S.       Topographic Map Answer Key          
     c.  Blank Map of Major U.S. Cities, Rivers, Lakes                
                                                                           Answers to map of Major, U.S. Cities, Rivers, Lakes

U.S. History Class videos "Here"    

Lecture Study-Guide:  "HERE" 

Online Self-Tests -  Click "Here"