Summer Assignments

Summer Assignment for CSN  APUSH Students:    (PDF Version)  


   Thanks for allowing me a chance to welcome you to next year’s Advanced Placement classes!    One of the hallmarks of a successful academic college-preparatory career is for students to use their time wisely over ‘summer vacation.’  To help you get off to a good start, I'd like you all to visit  and ‘bookmark’ the class website for this course at:                     

Please open and 'save' the file above for your respective class.  Please note the assignments and due dates for them for the course you're enrolled in. 

Our second President, John Adams, once remarked that our Republic could only hope to survive with an informed and enlightened citizenry.   He knew that citizens are not born imbued with civil and historical knowledge. Each generation of Americans has the distinct responsibility of acquiring this knowledge for its later use as informed voters.   Civic and Historical knowledge are the bedrocks upon which our nation rests.  Whether our country will survive or collapse as others have before us depends entirely upon how well we prepare our nation's youth—YOU—for the only job you ALL will have around the time you graduate from high school--that of ‘citizen.’  I’m proud to be able to play a very small role in your preparation for that important role!  

Again, I ‘m excited about the prospect of working with each of you and look forward to seeing everyone this coming August!   PLEASE drop by my class and see me before you leave for the summer to just say ‘hi’ or if you have any questions!!

My contact information over the summer is:     Email:       Cell phone:  239-292-3676