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Naples Council on World Affairs Summer Student Study Programs    NCWA Website   -  Click here and go to "School Outreach" for applications, testimonials and expectations, etc.

Cultural Ambassador programs
The NCWA offers FOUR scholarship programs.  Program One -- Georgetown Univ. for one week.  Click on the National Security or the International Relations Program for sample details.  Either program is funded.
Application/Info for the Georgetown Prog  - International Relations  - Nat. Security Georgetown Program Link  

Program Two - Foreign Study program is conducted through the Experiment in International Education Program (EIL).  SHORT VIDEO      Short Video #2
       9 Min. DOCUMENTARY  (EIL)

Programs to Browse / Select  from.

These are competitive grants to students. (See Mr. Bovee or Ms. Kleintop for details.)To review the EIL Catalog, click HERE.

Program Three -- 'The Governor's Institute on Current Issues (2 weeks in Vermont)
Application/info for the NCWA/EIL

Program Four -- Student Discovery Corps Program (3 week trips abroad) go to


Sample Questions [national] 2013
Sample Questions / [local] from 2010       ​2017 Study Guide & Categories   
What is AWQ?  

Kara's Sample Notes: (to give you an idea of how to compile good notes!)
​  --  "Water & Food" Notes  
  -- "UN Millennium Goals Progress"
​         notes
  -- "Human Trafficking" Notes
​  -- "Russia" Notes - Jack Melnick, no headings for each article!


This is a website for selected history students at the Community School of Naples.   Click either of the links below for information related to the assignments, readings, and other related information for the classes taught by Mr. Bovee.  Like all works in progress, this website will 'grow' as the year progresses.  Please report any errors or links that do not work to the instructor.  

AP US History students - click tab above     

U.S. History Honors HERE

AP GOV Students - click HERE     U.S. History: 1945-Present - HERE

Constitutional Law students - click HERE

Cinematic Journeys' Students - click HERE         MOCK TRIAL TEAM PAGE

Modern World History students - click HERE

RHO KAPPA Tutoring Materials 

Naples Council on World Affairs-Speaker Information

MAP & Directions to St. John's the Evangelist Church


"How toMark Up a Book" - Adler


Mr. Bovee's " link:     Student password:  historymatters
NOTE:  Students will be asked to always have their names and periods on their papers, to upload them in a PDF format, and to use a filename format given to them by the instructor.  (SAVE the filename under the following format: due date with dashes; (UNDERSCORE)period, (UNDERSCORE) and finallyour last name.) EX: “2014-2-24_Per2_smith.” 

Cornell Notetaking: PDF Format 
                  Class ID         Password
Period 2     4069337         CSNAPUS2
Period 3      5506726        CSNAHH
Period 4     5506728         CSNAPUS4
Period 5     4069571         CSNAPUS5
Period 6     4069574         CSNCL
Period 8     4069605        CSNAPUS8

American Heritage Magazine Archives (  (Site Map)
Military History Magazine  Archives   
Smithsonian Magazine   Archives History - Primary Source Documents from the book Boisterous Sea of Liberty.  Contains historic newspapers, lesson plans, online documents, much more.

Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" link
   Chapters formatted in Microsoft WORD with pages numbered

C-SPAN - (The Video Library link is in the upper right corner)

Cliff's Notes Review Site

Links to useful GENERAL APUSH Websites
National Geographic Survey (2002)

Video Sites:  
Annenberg Media Lectures   and   Hippocampus Lectures
  Bridging World History Programs    (Study Guide Questions )
  The Western Tradition Programs     NEW Hippocampus  (AP US Hist. link)
  The Biography of America Series  (Use FIREFOX to go full screen)

LAWS OF LIFE ESSAY Contest Information
Links to sample winning essays & videos
Student cover sheet